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The process

Product discovery

Your business goals are the foundation of your project. That’s why we take time to understand them in order to build the best product possible.

Project management

Because keeping the deadlines and solving problems are what our project managers do on daily basis, we can focus on bringing the business value to your project.

Product design

We want to bring out the best of your idea. Hence our UX and UI designers work hard to align the looks of your application with your business goals.

Product development

Finally, we have a great team of developers ready to build your product with the high quality it deserves.

Recent project


Probably the best cross-platform application for project management


Trusted by over 5,000 customers in 100+ countries.

Developers, marketers, project managers, accountants and designers all around the world use Breeze in their work. Even more, they have created 50,000 projects altogether and added 1,000,000+ tasks within the app.



  • The on boarding experience at Briisk was great. We were able to ramp up quickly as all of the team members listened actively. The application’s options were clearly delineated in our meetings and thus, the selection process on critical decisions was smooth.

    Howard Marx


  • Communication is transparent and pleasant, and therefore the quality of work is aligned with our expectations. It is a creative team with good understanding of business problems. Certainly, we look forward to our next project with them.

    Bjorn Nese

    Tech Lead for Unified Analytics

  • First of all, Briisk thought about our application from a business point of view—as a customer, not as a developer. In the beginning, we had more of a general plan of the app, not necessarily detailed. So here at Briisk we had been constantly consulted and offered new solutions.

    Sebastian Baranowski

    CIO at Starter24

  • Above all, the team is cooperative and able to quickly understand the business needs behind different features. What’s more, they use the latest methods to create scalable solutions. We kept to the estimated budget and are really happy with the work.

    Will Williams

    CEO, Freighteo, United Kingdom

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