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My Experience As A First Time Attendee Of NgGirls Angular Workshop
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My Experience As A First Time Attendee Of NgGirls Angular Workshop

Posted on 12/12/2017
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Well, hello there, today I wanted to share my experience as one of the attendees on the Angular Workshop that was held in Poznan. Briisk, the company I recently joined, organized a one day workshop which was run by ngGirls. It was held on 9th December 2017.

ngGirls aims to introduce women to the world of technology by encouraging them and organizing workshops on Angular for women. There were 40 participants and 12 mentors who took part in the workshop. Shmuela Jacobs is the founder of ngGirls and Joanna Chmiel – the co-founder of Briisk and the organizer of the event.

Everything began as it normally does, with a young lady who is excited and fascinated with technologies, programming and internet. Hence, this made me feel enthusiastic to learn more about it and led me to attend the Angular workshop even if I didn’t have much of knowledge about Angular. There were so many women from different places like Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow and even from Białystok. It seemed to be a surprise to me that someone would travel this long for attending the workshop and to learn.

As a participant in the workshop, I was teamed with another woman and we got a coach who was a mentor to watch over us. I was quite stressed as this was my first attempt to programming but my mentor helped me a lot. At the end of the day it just changed my thinking completely. I just understood that this was a start of something great.

At the starting of the workshop, Joanna gave the welcome speech and Shmuela started with explaining the technical stuff. Out of 12 mentors there was one female mentor which made it feel so great. She impressed me that if I want, I can become a programmer, too.



Then we began our coding session. I started to create my own todo list application using Angular. We followed the open source tutorial written by the community and my mentor also taught me a lot of useful information about how to deploy the application. We also had tea, coffee, lunch and desserts from Briisk.

Overall, the workshop was of very good standard and the best part of the workshop was, I was able to code much better than I thought. The mentors as well as ngGirls made clear concepts of what to do and how to do. With the help of a mentor, I finally finished the tutorial and created my todo list app.


Attending the workshop helped me to get knowledge about the language and the framework. As a participant, I have immense gratitude for the people who have helped me and shared their knowledge and space with me. I would recommend ngGirls for women like me who are interested in learning technologies. It was a chance for me to develop myself and to become a little bit better in programming.

So girls, if you ever come across a situation of whether or not to attend a programming workshop, I will always recommend you to give it a try. For sure there are events like ngGirls that are amazing to attend and give a lot of knowledge for free.

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