Arbitrage is a product guide that allows you to search for particular products and show immediate alerts when the products reach defined prices. It allows the end user and businesses to discover the deals online and buy when it’s most profitable for them. Arbitrage finds the product that users search and gives the best reviews and prices with online retailers like Amazon or Allegro.

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We had to keep in mind the constraints of the project:

  1. Design an MVP for multiple platforms with a restricted budget.
  2. Short development time.
  3. GraphQL for both frontend and backend.
  4. Integration of 3rd party API (Amazon).
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The team focused on making quick iterations and decisions.

  1. Mockups reflected how users would use the application.
  2. Designs were kept universal for iOS and Android.
  3. Daily standups within the team to keep a constant track on the project.
  4. Constant communication on Slack within a remote team.
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A user-friendly MVP that allows to:

  1. Test the solution on iOS and Android with a limited budget.
  2. Cut the cost of future development by using the cross-platform approach.
  3. Iterate easily thanks to weekly sprints and quick decisions.


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