Breeze is a simple project tool for managing the list of tasks your project team needs to accomplish. Plan your project, assign the tasks and receive notifications to communicate efficiently. Breeze focuses mainly on what’s needed to be done and shows you the status of where things stand. In simple words, you can store all your tasks in Breeze and visualise every step of your workflow. 

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To make it easier and faster ways of reporting and to prepare the powerful online project management tool to help you get work done.

  1. Rewriting the application from Ionic 1 to Ionic 3.
  2. Clients using different operating systems on mobile and tablet.
  3. Partially redesigned to adapt to different devices.
  4. Adding few more functionalities as requested by our customer.
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The team focused on the client’s need and redesigned the necessary functionalities.

  1. Scrum methodology was used to build the project.
  2. Analyzing the application that existed already and rebuilding it.
  3. Daily standups within the team to keep the constant track on the project.
  4. Being in contact with the client through Slack whenever there was a need.
  5. Demonstrating progress of the application after each sprint.
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A tool that can be used for all the mobile devices, tablets which are more user-friendly that can be used by everyone for gathering data, update of each task and report.

  1. The redesigned application was applicable for both iOS and Android.
  2. Additional features were added through Ionic 3 as per the client needs.
  3. Optimising the cost of future development by using the cross-platform approach.
  4. Optimising the cost of future development by keeping only one development team for iOS and Android applications.


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