Find the One

Find the One is a software tool that manages the applicant tracking and organizes the group of employees in any area. It allows the recruiters to register, login, add, store and review the information about candidates.

Recruiters can feed the database, tag the candidates and pass the information to the review team where employees responsible for candidate interviews can confirm candidate’s skills. It combines and automates the whole recruitment procedure to get the best candidate onboard.


To make the recruitment process easier and to bring the activities of the process altogether in one place and help you get work done.

  1. Developing a new application from scratch
  2. Accessible for iOS, Android and online websites.
  3. Designed using React Native for easy usage of iOS.


Agile management with strong focus on:

  1. Daily standups within the team to keep a constant track on the project.
  2. Demonstrating progress of the application after each sprint.
  3. Instant communication on Slack.
  4. Jira as a management tool.


A user-friendly tool that can be used by everyone in a company for recruitment process:

  1. An application which is applicable for iOS.
  2. To select the best candidate that matches the requirements.
  3. Optimising the cost of future development by using the cross-platform approach.
  4. The ability to invite people to your team, so they are able to create an account with the team name.
  5. Easy to view whenever and wherever needed.


React native mobile development

Elixir backend development


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