Freighteo wanted to craft an MVP of a web application to allow their business users look for the best possible freight rates from China. The main goal was to keep the product simple and easy to navigate so you can save time and money in the process.


To launch the MVP before big logistic trade fairs in China.

  1. Have an MVP to show to potential investors.
  2. Keep the product simple and easy to navigate.
  3. Allow Freighteo team to manage order requests and communicate with senders through the application.


Because the timeline was strict, our team needed to be flexible and plan their work accordingly. They also:

  1. Advised on design, especially for administration dashboard.
  2. Ran regular calls with the Client and gathered feedback.
  3. Helped the Client set up transactional emails for the platform.


First-phase development application ready to scale and integrate with third-party services.

  1. MVP finished on time and within the budget.
  2. Freighteo ready to raise money from investors.


Backend RoR development

Frontend AngularJS development


  • There were no language barriers; their English is extremely good. We met once or twice before the start of the project to talk about what was needed. We set up timelines and expected costs, after which we had weekly meetings during the project. Everything came out exactly as expected, which I think is rare.

    Will Williams


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