Exploring the city has never been so much fun!

A Swiss-German startup turned to Briisk to develop from scratch a web and mobile applications for meeting travellers and experiencing the city together.

Mobile application

Deployable to Android 4.0+ & iOS 6.0+ via Apache Cordova

  1. Developed with AngularJS and Ionic frameworks.
  2. Support for push notifications.
  3. Native Facebook authentication.
  4. API for the mobile application.
  5. Admin panel for moderators.


A fully responsive mobile web application that allows you to:

  1. Browse activities for your nearest location.
  2. Set up social meetings and events.
  3. Customize admin panel.


Ruby on Rails development

Ionic mobile development


  • Working with Briisk was a blessing from day zero on. Not only because of the high-quality code provided but also because of the professional and very fast communication we will be happy to work with Briisk again.

    Peter Pult


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