IZI Motive

IZI Motive offers innovative solutions within the automotive industry in the field of parts management, purchase, planning, stock control, supply chain and more. They needed to speed up their work to meet the need of their biggest client. That’s where we came in handy offering them the development as a pilot project.



Enter an existing project and adjust to the pace and style of the client. The most challenging steps were to:

    1. Work with strict deadlines.
    2. Dig into a project very quickly.
    3. Make detailed time estimations.


Flexible and agile development throughout the pilot.

  1. Communication with the client was kept on a daily basis.
  2. We made daily and weekly updates.
  3. Features were developed one by one so the client was able to see the results fast.


A successful pilot project that proved the customer that we are able to:

  1. Start working on a new project almost immediately.
  2. Find areas for improvement and suggest long-term development solutions.
  3. Communicate on regular basis and run projects in a transparent way.
  4. Stick to strict deadlines and budget.


Frontend development


  • The communication with the team was always easy. We had many constructive discussions about how to bring IZI Motive to a better product in the end. When I talked to them, I always had a good feeling afterwards. They gave me trust. And when there was a problem, they came back to me so we could get rid of it. So even though we were not in the same office, there was some geographical distance between us, I didn’t feel the distance. I just felt like I had a bigger team.

    Wido Jansen

    Tech Lead

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