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Iteanova creates custom SAP systems for a variety of production companies. With their SAP team, they are able to advise clients on the best solutions and build powerful SAP backends. Their challenge was the way SAP looked. Iteanova believes that a non-native SAP design will not only be more appealing to their customers but will allow them to immediately identify bottlenecks and make faster decisions. That’s why they approached Briisk to build a prototype of a production dashboard that would display the data in one custom view.


To show the data provided by the SAP system on one customisable dashboard:

  1. Define a minimum viable product that would bring value to Iteanova’s SAP clients.
  2. Visualise data in a way that will please both conservative customers as well as aspirations of Iteanova.


In order to keep within a strict timeline and budget, our team went through:

  1. Extensive project discussion and proposing the basic (MVP) and extended version of the dashboard.
  2. Preparation phase to define all user stories, deliverables and divide the work into iterations.
  3. Daily updates on Slack and biweekly demo meetings to keep the Client up to date with the progress and receive feedback.


A demo version of the dashboard ready to show to Iteanova customers with features such as:

  1. Building the dashboard dynamically based on the chosen resource and timeframe.
  2. Displaying all the data in one view and in chosen format (matrix, bar chart etc.).
  3. Tracking the capacity load of chosen resources.


UX Analysis and design

Frontend development

 Angular project management


  • We were up to date with the schedule even when their lead was going to a conference. I liked the way things were set up, demo meetings especially. Also, big heads up for the meeting in Briisk. Meeting the team in person and discussing the concept was an excellent way to start.

    Glenn Galea

    Project Lead

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