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A South African loan company turned to Briisk to develop a proof of concept for facilitating the process of accepting a loan application.


Facilitate the process of evaluating loan risk so that complicated calculations are automated and take less time.

  1. Understand the flow of information once a loan application is received.
  2. Identify the parts of the process that can be automated.
  3. Work in different time zones.


In order to build the proof of concept our team did the following:

  1. Regular communication with client’s technical team.
  2. Regular communication with the users of the system.
  3. Integration with client’s API.


A proof of concept that allowed the client to:

  1. Verify their business hypothesis.
  2. Test the benefit of automating parts of their decision process.
  3. Use technical expertise from an external team.


Backend development

Ruby on Rails

Minutes to fill in the application

Students helped

Millions of USD borrowed

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