Product Governance App

Product research and management at its best. Product Governance App is a tool that manages selling process for the company combining modules for product research, product governance and team management.


Build a tailored software solution to create customisable products and manage them in a simple and efficient way.
  1. Develop a completely new platform from scratch.
  2. Prepare the platform as a SaaS solution.


With an agile approach to the whole project, we were able to deliver a system that combined flexibility and understanding of business requirements.
  1. Thorough scoping with all future users of the application in order to deeply understand our Client’s challenges.
  2. Weekly calls informing our Client on the progress we are making.
  3. A committed and competent project manager being in charge of the entire process.


A new system that allows for research and accepting new products faster.
  1. A transparent way to manage and track product governance.
  2. Fast and easy way to gather ideas for products that can be attractive to customers.
  3. All the information about specific product stored in one place.
  4. All the product data can be exported to a .csv file and be used in other systems.


Backend development

Frontend development

UX Analysis and Design


  • Having a dedicated person specifically working on our task was great. I knew what I wanted the end product to be, but I’m not the most technical person. Briisk was very good at understanding what I wanted, what the limitations for the development team were, and suggesting alternatives which made us both happy. On a few occasions, we were able to find good compromises, saving time and money.

    Tom Edwards

    Head of Sales

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