Sales Tracker

From Excel sheets to have-it-all web application. Sales Tracker is a fully customised system to assist the complicated process of managing all aspects of the sale, including profit prediction, reporting and currency calculations.


Exchange the current usage of Excel sheets for a tailored web solution meeting all the demands of a complicated sales process.

  1. Developing a system managing the process of sales and a distributed team of sales representatives.
  2. Performing a real-time valuation of the products.


Our Client needed a team of that would understand the idea of delivering a system adjusted to the special demands of sales tracking. Briisk did it through:

  1. Weekly calls and demos showing the current progress of work.
  2. The ability to adapt the process to the changing requirements of the project at any given time.
  3. A team of devoted developers with the knowledge to advise the Client how to make the system more efficient.


A fully customised system to assist the complicated process of managing all aspects of sales.

  1. A system that predicts the profitability of the deal before it actually happens.
  2. Separately working modules for sales and delivery.
  3. The ability to track the process of sales.


Backend development

Frontend development

UX analysis


  • We’ve been happy with Briisk. What I’ve liked is that from day one, they implemented weekly calls. That was something they really wanted. All the other developers I run projects with are reluctant to do weekly calls unless they absolutely have to. Here everything was clear and systematic. There are constant updates and demos of what they’ve done to show us the updates.

    Nitesh Sharoff

    Managing Director

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