Starter24 is a part of a Europe-wide assistance provider, collaborating with many local partners to offer a variety of services and get to their clients in need as fast as possible. One of their services is car assistance, which they provide through a broad network of partners.

Starter24 wanted to build a mobile application for their field partners. The app was to send tasks, track the assistance vehicles based on GPS signal, set the status of the task and send detailed reports to Starter24 customer service centre.


To create a solution for field contractors and make it simple, clear and intuitional.

  1. Designing a robust application with simple task management.
  2. Pulling data from distributed databases.


We started with a deep understanding of how Starter24’s processes work and who is going to use the application the most.

  1. The team held daily meetups with Client ‘s team in order to prepare the designs.
  2. The Client was present at team’s daily standups.
  3. After each release, our team collected feedback from the users and proposed ways to implement it.


Implementing the application in Starter24’s group allowed our Client to:

  1. Have more conversations with clients thanks to time saved on calls with contractors.
  2. Send an interactive map of assistance location with GPS points collected by the application.


Backend development


Frontend development

 Mobile development


  • The short development time was impressive. Briisk thought about our application from a business point of view—as a customer, not as a developer. They deduced solutions before we presented the problem. Everything went well for us, so I have an excellent opinion of Briisk.

    Sebastian Baranowski


Percent of contractors use the app

Hours a year saved for customer service

Issues a week served

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