Wuunder is a new concept in parcel delivery. Equipped with an Elixir-based web and mobile application, this Dutch startup helps businesses of all sizes (as well as end users) book and track their shipments any time and everywhere. Wuunder will immediately display three competitive prices so you can book even within sixty seconds. With their backlog full of tasks and in order to keep the fast pace of development, Wuunder needed a partner to join their Elixir development team.


Handle a distributed team that always works as if they were sitting next to one another.

  1. Onboard new developers and make them feel a part of the team.
  2. Pass knowledge about complex logistic solutions within the application.
  3. Get new developers familiar with the existing codebase, build new features on it and find ways to fight technical debt.
  4. Communicate openly and frequently with the new team.


The team strongly focuses on planning sessions and collaboration with client’s project manager and developers.

  1. Daily standups and weekly planning sessions are the core of the development process.
  2. Flexibility in resizing the team when necessary.
  3. Broadening the spectrum of services to help Wuunder move forward.


A fast-growing shipment system adjusting to the needs of its customers built a distributed team in Poland and the Netherlands.

  1. The team grew from 2 to 3 backend developers.
  2. Briisk also took part in UX redesign of the user dashboard and the booking site for webshops.   
  3. We implemented a new flow for managing shipment statuses.
  4. Integrations with new carriers and services have been added to the system.



UX Analysis and Design

Phoenix / Elixir development


  • Briisk was on par with that team on very short notice. They didn’t require a lot of time to get acquainted with the code and started fairly quickly. From that moment on, the velocity of the project management was excellent. Their planning was accurate, on time, and well estimated. I especially like how they see their own company and personnel as key aspects, which makes them stand apart from the competition. I hope they continue to grow while staying focused on quality.

    Rik Lempens

    Tech Lead

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