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Tailored to your business needs, scalable web app development with beautiful designs your customers will love.

We’ll partner you at every step


We evaluate your business idea in order to prepare a scope for further web app development. Only with solid planning you can build your app fast and secure.


Our design team prepares clickable prototypes. Even more, we will present beautiful and modern UI for your product whether it’s a travel service or a comparison site.


We deliver your product piece by piece.  Thanks to code reviews, quality assurance and solid tracking you can be sure of its quality. 


We will also maintain your production server after your application is ready. No need to worry, your product is in good hands from A to Z.

Why work with Briisk

Fullstack team

Developers, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Specialists work with you side by side to ensure effective daily communication.


We can scale your team up or down or exchange team members in order to bring more value to the project.

Quality process

Continuous integration, code reviews, automated and manual tests are only a few ways we care about the quality of web app development.

Wuunder success story

Wuunder solves the problem of tracking parcels from order to delivery by integrating multiple carriers and allowing all parties monitor the package with a rigorous status and chatbot-based notification system.

Elixir development team - happy client

Rik Lempens,
Technical Product Owner for Wuunder

Briisk planning was accurate, on time, and well estimated.
I especially like how they see their own company and personnel as key aspects. It makes them stand apart from the competition.
I hope they continue to grow while staying focused on quality.

wuunder case study

Check our technology stack

Web development at Briisk is built around quality process and cutting-edge technology. We use both on the backend and frontend of your application.


Designed for lightweight applications that are scalable and easy to maintain. 

Ruby on Rails

Reliable for MVP development and quick application prototyping.


Saves time, increases team’s productivity and speeds up product development.


Startups and developers love React for its performance and reliability.


Guarantees performance, scalable infrastructure and meets huge data requirements.


JavaScript backend with the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.

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